Dr. Robert M. Wood

Associate Professor

Department of Biology
3507 Laclede Ave
Saint Louis University
St. Louis, Missouri 63103 USA

Voice: 314-977-3904
FAX: 314-977-3658

Email: wood2@slu.edu
Webpage: http://bio.slu.edu/fac/wood.html

General Interests: My lab’s work on cypriniform fishes has to date focused on North American species in the families Cyprinidae and Catostomidae.  This work ranges from resolving relationships among closely related species to examining the effects of Pleistocene phenomena on species distributions and larger biogeographic patterns.  Techniques used in the reconstruction of phylogenetic hypotheses and studies aimed at understanding population level phenomena include both mitochondrial and nuclear gene sequencing.  I am particularly interested in developing robust phylogenies for North American, Southeast Asian, and African taxa.  All this work is largely collaborative and has involved colleagues at labs in Minnesota, North Carolina, Alabama and at my home institution in Missouri.

Taxa: Recent species; Families Catostomidae and Cyprinidae
Character Types: mtDNA, nDNA
Target Continents: North America, Southeast Asia, Africa