Dr. Kenji Saitoh

Tohoku National Fisheries Research Institute
Shinhama 3-27-5
Shiogama 985-0001

Voice +81-22-365-9932
Fax +81-22-367-1250

E-mail: ksaitoh@affrc.go.jp
Website: http://cse.fra.affrc.go.jp/ksaitoh/index-e.html

General Interests: Current research includes:
  • Mitogenomics for resolution of interrelationships among cypriniform families, subfamilies and tribes.
  • Speciation and polyploid evolution in loaches

Taxa: Recent species; Families Cyprinidae, Cobitidae, Balitoridae, Gyrinocheilidae, Catostomidae
Character Types: mitogenomics, karyotyping, ecology
Target Continents: Japan