Dr. Huanzhang Liu

Institute of Hydrobiology
Chinese Academy of Sciences

Hubei Wuhan 430072
P. R. China

Voice: +86-27-87649976
Fax: +86-27-87875132

Email: hzliu@ihb.ac.cn
Website: http://www.ihb.ac.cn/showorg.aspx?id=1

General Interests: Cypriniformes is the largest group for freshwater fishes with its highest diversity in Asia. My research with cypriniform fishes concerns about combining all data including fossil, morphological, ecological attributes and molecular data, to study evolutionary biology of this fascinating group. Using mtDNA sequence data, I have studied phylogenetic relationships of Cypriniformes, particularly Cyprinidae. I also described 2 new species of cypriniform fishes. Combining morphological and molecular data, I revised the validity of some cyprinid species. My specialized groups include Cobitidae, Gobioninae, Acheilognathinae, Xenocyprinae, Cultrinae, etc.

Taxa: Recent and Fossil species; Families Cyprinidae and Cobitidae
Character Types: osteology, mtDNA, paleontology
Target Continents: China