Dr. Bernard R. Kuhajda

Assistant Professor

Department of Biological Sciences
Scientific Collections Building
403 MH Bryant Hall
The University of Alabama
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0344

Voice: 205-348-1822
FAX: 205-348-6460

Email: bkuhajda@bama.ua.edu

General Interests: With the Cypriniformes Tree of Life project I have been involved in inventory studies of Cypriniformes and morphological and molecular systematic and taxonomic studies of North American species. My other research areas include conservation, life history, taxonomic, and systematic studies of freshater groups, such as species of sturgeon (Acipenseridae) and darters (Percidae), and some marine groups of the Gulf of Mexico.

Taxa: Recent species; Families Catostomidae and Cyprinidae
Character Types: morphology, mtDNA
Target Continents: North America