Dr. David M. Hillis


Section of Integrative Biology
1 University Station
The University of Texas
Austin, Texsa 78712 USA

Voice: 512-471-5792
FAX: 512-471-3878

Email: DHillis@mail.utexas.edu
Webpage: http://www.biosci.utexas.edu/ib/faculty/HILLIS.HTM

General Interests: The study of evolution of biotic diversity is the focus of my research.  Most of my research concerns use of molecular genetic techniques to study relationships among populations, species, and higher taxa. Some of my general areas of interest are phylogenetic relationships, speciation patterns and mechanisms, molecular evolution (including the use of experimental systems), and the consequences of hybridization and hybrid zones. Although I am interested in and work on all organisms, most of my research involves amphibians, reptiles, fishes, molluscs, and viruses. My graduate students and postdocs work on many other groups as well.

Taxa: Recent and Fossil species; Family Cyprinidae, especially Mexican species of Dionda and relatives.
Character Types: Osteology, myology, mtDNA, nDNA, behavior
Target Continents: North America