Dr. Shunping He

Lab: Fish Phylogenetics and Biogeography
Director, Museum of Freshwater Organism
Deputy Director, Center of Aquatic biodiversity and conservation

Institute of Hydrobiology
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Donghu Nanlu 7#
Wuhan, Hubei Province, 430072

Voice: +86-27-87654430
Fax: +86-27-87875132

Email: clad@ihb.ac.cn
Website: http://www.ihb.ac.cn

General Interests: I start to work on Cypriniformes in 1985 when I am a graduated student. I have examined these fishes for a variety of topics, including systematics, taxonomy, and biogeography. I have used a wide variety of morphological-types of characters and both mtDNA and nDNA to reconstruct phylogenetic relationships of species, genera, and higher taxa, as well as describe new species. Most of my research has focused on Cyprinidae, especially those from East Asia. For the Order Cypriniformes, I am working with the mitochondrial genome and Nuclear DNA gene sequence such as 28 S rRNA gene and RAG1 or RAG2. A widely sampling covers all the families in order. This work is focused on the relationship of families. For the family Cyprinidae, we have different teams work with different group, such as primitive cyprinid, barbini, leuciscini. We use both mitochondrial and nuclear gene as marks. Several works of phylogeny of cyprinidae were finished and published. In my Lab by the hard works of two generations, a book series, Fauna Sinica, Cypriniformes book 1, 2, 3 were finished and book 2 and 3 were published. In this book all the species of cypriniformes were recorded and described in detail.

Taxa: Recent species of Cyprinidae

Character Types: mtDNA, nDNA
Target Continents: China: basins in mainland, Hainan and Taiwan Island. Especially Yangtze Rive. Yunnan Province