Phillip M. Harris

Assistant Professor and Curator of Fishes

Department of Biological Sciences
Box 870345
The University of Alabama
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0345 USA

Voice: 205-348-1831
Fax: 205-348-6460

General Interests: Cypriniform fishes are some of the most challenging taxonomic groups for revisionary studies, largely because of their sheer diversity and the existence of so many species that “look alike.” My research efforts with Cypriniformes has attempted to change this perception of this group of fishes. I have examined these fishes for a variety of topics, including systematics, taxonomy, and biogeography, speciation and rates of evolution, and ecology, both autecology and synecology. I have used a wide variety of morphological-types of characters and both mtDNA and nDNA to reconstruct phylogenetic relationships of species, genera, and higher taxa, as well as describe new species. Most of my research has focused on Leuciscine species within Cyprinidae, especially those from North America, and species of Catostomidae.

Taxa: Recent and Fossil species; Families Catostomidae, Cyprinidae (subfamilies Leuciscine, Danioninae), Balatoridae
Character Types: Osteology, myology, mtDNA, nDNA, behavior
Target Continents: North America, Central Asia, Southeast Asia