Dr. Alexander S. Golubtsov

Senior Researcher

Laboratory of Lower Vertebrate Ecology
A.N. Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution
Russian Academy of Sciences
Leninskii Prospekt 33
119071 Russia

Voice: 7 (095) 135 8672
Fax: 7 (095) 954-5534

Email: talgol@museum.ru

General Interests: For long time my research interests are concentrated on the Ethiopian freshwater fish fauna dominated by Cypriniform and Siluriform fishes. Sympatric and parapatric speciation in the mountain regions with naturally depauperated fish faunas is the focus of my studies. The lacustrine and riverine presumptive species flocks of Ethiopian cyprinids have been sampled, but mostly not yet described. In addition to the enlisting and distributional studies of cypriniforms in Ethiopia, I dealt with interspecific hybridization of the European cyprinids and evolution of the ploidy level in the African barbins.

Taxa: Recent species, Families Cyprinidae and Balitoridae
Character Types: morphology, osteology, mtDNA
Target Continents: European Russia, Siberia, Ethiopia, Vietnam