Dr. Mee-mann Chang

Research Professor

Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology,
Chinese Academy of Sciences
142 Xiwaidajie, Beijing 100044, China

Tel: 86-6893-5181
Fax: 86-6833-7001

E-mail: cmeemann@yahoo.com;

General Interests: Both Recent and fossil cypriniforms are abundantly diverse in China. The recent research of my team has been concentrated on the fossils of two families from China: catostomids and cyprinids. The Chinese fossil catostomids are the Eocene Amyzon-types, extremely similar to those from the Eocene of western North America. In contrast, most of the Chinese fossil cyprinids are from the Miocene and Pliocene, and resemble those of the same age from the northwestern area of the Japanese Islands. Some of the Neogene taxa are also shared with Europe. Although the distributional patterns of these two groups through the history are enigmatic, they must have been caused by the related geological events. During the last decade, my team has been working on both groups using multidisciplinary approaches. We have focused on comparative morphology, phylogenetic analyses, and molecular systematics (with Dr. H. Liu) of fossil and Recent catostomids and cyprinids. And based on these studies, we have also recognized, and are trying to interpret, these groups’ transpacific distribution patterns through geological history.

Taxa: Fossil catostomids and cyprinids (subfamilies Leuciscinae sensu lato, Cyprininae, Barbinae, Xenocyprininae and Gobioninae)
Character Types: morphology, osteology
Target Continents: East and Central Asia, North America