Dr. Nevin Aspinwall

Professor of Biology

Department of Biology
3507 Laclede Ave
Saint Louis University
St. Louis, Missouri 63103 USA

Phone: 314-977-3902
FAX: 314-977-3658

Email: aspinwalln@slu.edu

General Interests: Over my research career I have worked extensively on hybridization between North American cyprinid species. My research has focused on the importance of pre- and post-mating isolating mechanisms. For the hybrid swarm in Stave Lake, British Columbia between Richardsonius balteatus and Mylocheilus caurinus. I have conducted extensive egg viability studies. In this research I gained considerable expertise in spawning and rearing of cyprinid species. Such expertise will be useful in obtaining the developmental series for key cyprinid species that will be used to test for congruence of the phylogenies generated from development patterns and the nuclear/mitochondrial DNA.

Taxa: Recent and Fossil species; Families Catostomidae, Cyprinidae (subfamilies Leuciscine, Danioninae), Balatoridae
Character Types: mtDNA, development, field studies
Target Continents: North America, Africa