Miranda Haskins

M.S. Student

Contact Information:
Phone: (314) 977-3935
Fax: (314) 977-3658
E-mail: haskinsmir@gmail.com
Mail: Department of Biology
St. Louis University
3507 Laclede Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63103-2010

General Interests: My research involves the examination of the evolutionary rates of change in the mitochondrial genes Cyt-b and CO1 in different species of North American cyprinids. The latter gene is often recognized today as the "DNA barcoding" gene, proposed to be effective at providing the best genetic information for delineating species. In my studies I am comparing these two genes for their abilities to delineate currently recognized species and reveal cryptic diversity, something likely more common in cyprinids than previously thought. I am also using these genes in phylogenetic studies to examine rates of evolutionary change in these genes and investigate biogeographic patterns within and between species.

Taxa: Recent species; Order Cypriniformes
Character Types: mtDNA
Target Continents: North America

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