Dr. Jorg Freyhof

Researcher for Cypriniformes

Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries
IGB, Dept. 4
12587 Berlin
Muggelseedamm 310

Voice: (030) 64 181 613
FAX: (030) 64 181 750

Email: freyhoff@igb-berlin.de

Webpage: http://www.igb-berlin.de/abt4/mitarbeiter/freyhof/index_e.shtml

General Interests: Studies on evolution, systematics, conservation and field ecology. I have a wide interest in various aspects of the cypriniform biota. I have always been enthusiastic about fishes and their habitats and loved field trips in Africa (Cameroon, Egypt, Ivory Coast and Sierra Leone), Asia (China, Vietnam) and various countries in Europe. During the last years, I was involved in studies about diversity of nemacheilines and balitorids, molecular systematics and phylogeography of some European fish groups and described some cyprinds and loaches (and some non-cypriniforms). Also I’m a passionate fish photographer and have a nice collection of European and Asian cypriniforms. Meanwhile, I work mostly on evolutionary ecology and various aspects of fish biodiversity and systematics. Check my page for more details and publication list.
Taxa: Old world cypriniforms
Character Types: morphology, mtDNA, nuclear DNA
Target Continents:
Africa, Asia, Europe