Jason Allen

Ph.D. Candidate

Contact Information:
Phone: (314) 977-3935
Fax: (314) 977-3658
E-mail: allenjs@slu.edu
Mail: Department of Biology
St. Louis University
3507 Laclede Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63103-2010

M. S., Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville 2003
B. S., Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, 2000

General Interests: I maintain a broad interest in the evolutionary biology of North American freshwater fishes. In particular, my research focuses on using molecular and morphological techniques to study the historical relationships of species and how microevolutionary forces shape population structure. I am currently working on the phylogenetic relationships of species of the genus Pteronotropis and infraspecific variation and biogeography of some species using molecular characters. I am also working on constructing the phylogenetic relationships of species of the genus Profundulus. This genus is composed of five recognized species grouped into two subgenera that are endemic to Central America.

Taxa: Recent species; Order Cypriniformes
Character Types: mtDNA, nDNA.
Target Continents: North America

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