Mary Agnew

Ph.D. Candidate

Department of Biology
3507 Laclede Ave
Saint Louis University
St. Louis, Missouri 63103-2010

Voice: (314) 977-3935
FAX: (314) 977-3658


General Interests: Conservation biology, animal behavior, evolution, and behavioral ecology.  I have worked on the CToL project as part of my research assistantship under Dr. Mayden at Saint Louis University since 2004.  My primary focus is molecular systematics of the order Cypriniformes, with special emphasis on the utility of nuclear genes in resolving phylogenetic relationships.  For my dissertation, I am studying postcopulatory sexual selection in guppies. .

Taxa: Recent species; Order Cypriniformes
Character Types: mtDNA, nDNA.
Target Continents: Worldwide

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