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Notropis megalepis fossil scan

Chinese Cypriniform fossils

Material to be Examined

A preliminary survey of the literature and of museum holdings identifies hundreds of records for the Cypriniformes, most of which belong to fragmentary material or species that are only known from pharyngeal teeth. 

Considering the goals of the Cypriniformes AToL, we must and will select well-preserved, informative material that will be treated following modern techniques of preparation (when permitted; but specially on the unprepared material). Additional criteria of selection are: age, the oldest fossil will be included as well as fossil that belong to extant genera, and genera with  representatives in different continents.

In addition, we will investigate new faunal assemblages from Africa (e.g., Tanzania; material available from DFG grant of Arratia: complete but unprepared specimens), of India (material available from collaborative research project of Arratia and Prasad, that was supported by Indian DST and German DAAD, articulated but incomplete specimens), of Spain (material available, disarticulated specimens).  The material from India and Spain could be significant because some of the localities belong to the K/T boundary. New material from localities China that bear complete and partially preserved specimens (material available and there is a need for new collecting)

The proposed list of taxa for our primary examination in this aspect of our study is presented in Table 1 (.pdf file).
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