Key to the Species of Notropis

8a. (From 7a.) Barbel present (sometimes obsolescent or absent); lateral line complete; caudal spot elongate, only slightly wider than confluent lateral stripe, and extending onto caudal fin; lateral stripe continuous around snout; dorsal fin without dark blotch on first 3 to 4 rays and membranes; adults without red on fins.
redeye chub

Notropis harperi

8b. (From 7a.) Barbel absent; lateral line incomplete, only 8 to 10 scales pored; conspicuous, caudal spot large and round and seperate from lateral stripe; lateral stripe not continuous around snout; dorsal fin with dark blotch on first 3-4 rays and membranes; adult males with red on fins.
taillight shiner

Notropis maculatus