Key to the Species of Cyprinella

7a. (From 6b.) Mouth inferior; snout extending over mouth; pigmentation on scales near lateral line and above lateral line not in distinctdiamond-shaped pattern; scales below lateral line arranged in diamond-shaped pattern; pigmentation of some scales darker than others, making specimen appear to have lost some scales along flank; head and predorsal tubercles large and in definite rows; in life, caudal spot large and appearing bicolored; caudal fin red with white margin.
Alabama shiner

Cyprinella callistia

7b. (From 6b.) Mouth terminal; snout pointed and extending over mouth in breeding adults; pigmentation on scales above and below lateral line in diamond-shaped pattern; head and predorsal tubercles small and scattered in distribution; in life caudal spot large and uniformly colored; caudal fin yellow with white margin.

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