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This conference includes several workshops open to all attendees. These are listed below, along with a brief description of each general area. If you are interested in participating in any of these workshops either through a presentation, sharing materials, or ideas for a working project please download, complete, and submit this form. You may also send ideas or comments on these topics to Richard Mayden.

  1. Conservation of Cypriniformes
  2. Species Discovery-Morphology and Molecules
  3. Species Inventories
  4. Cypriniformes Exchange: Specimen Trade for Research

Conservation of Cypriniformes
This workshop will involve discussions from various researchers from around the globe on the conservation status of species of Cypriniformes that are imperiled and the factors responsible for their imperilment. It is hoped that scientists from different continents, countries, or drainage basins will bring their expertise to this workshop and contribute to the development of a current inventory of species conservation status..

Species Discovery-Morphology and Molecules
Many new species of Cypriniformes are being discovered every year using morphological types of data and are reinforced by different types of molecular data. This workshop will involve discussions of the various traditional and new methods for differentiating taxa, as well as the use of different molecular data to serve as equivalent methods for species discovery. This workshop will also include discussions on the general idea of a method of DNA barcoding and the reliability of this approach for species discovery.

Species Inventories
Studies focusing on the diversity, systematics, and conservation of Cypriniformes require knowledge of species inventories from freshwater ecosystems. Many areas around the globe still remain poorly inventoried for freshwater fishes, including Cypriniformes. In this workshop researchers interested in field studies and inventory work will meet to discuss planned and ongoing inventory studies that can provide fundamental information on the diversity and conservation status of Cypriniformes from different regions around the globe.

Cypriniformes Exchange: Specimen Trade for Research
Many researchers from around the globe have developed or are developing collections of different Cypriniformes species for different types of research. The purpose of this workshop is to initiate discussions and possibly develop plans for agreements between researchers to work together in the exchange of materials for taxonomic, systematic, and conservation efforts. For example, Richard L. Mayden maintains a frozen and EtOH collection of many Cypriniformes species that is available for exchange with anyone interested. All the taxa from this special collection is available at this link.

Chavalit Vidthayanon, World Wildlife Fund Thailand.
Richard L. Mayden, Saint Louis University