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Diversity of Cypriniformes

The following is a list of the currently recognized species of Cypriniformes as identified in Fishbase. This list of families, genera, and species can be used as a general reference for recent hypotheses of species diversity, generic placement of species, and families. The workshop at the symposium on the Diversity and Conservation of Cypriniformes will use this list as a basis for discussion.

View the Cypriniformes diversity list from this link.

Protection of Cypriniformes

From this listing it is hoped that our discussion group can make progress on identifying species from around the globe that need protection, possible propagation and conservation efforts, and possibly Red Listing.

World-wide Education on Cypriniformes

We will also develop an educational website for as many of these species as possible for not only an international Cypriniformes diversity effort but also for "leaf" pages for the Maddison's Tree of Life (TOL) website. You can view the site for examples of "leaf" pages at the TOL website. (Please note that the TOL project originated by the Maddison brothers is completely separate and independent from the USA NSF Assembling the Tree of Life (ATOL) studies, like CToL).

Publish a Cypriniformes "Leaf" Page???

If you are interested in writing a "leaf" page for any of the species in this list (or other species not in the list) or have comments on the taxonomy in the list please contact Richard Mayden at

Your "leaf" page will be peer-reviewed and published electronically on the TOL website; you may consider this a peer-reviewed publication for your Curriculum Vitae or Resume. Authors of accepted "leaf" pages will receive an official letter from Richard L. Mayden, Editor of Cypriniformes TOL website, indicating the peer-review process of this official electronic publication and the importance of this publication in education, research and service to the community.

Example "leaf" pages can be found at the links below:

Species of Hiodon

Species of Lepidogalaxiidae

Vampyroteuthis infernalis

Species of Rheidae

Shunping He, Institute of Hydrobiology and Chinese Acad. Sci.
Richard L. Mayden, Saint Louis University

Cypriniformes Tree of Life
Cypriniformes Tree of Life : Institute of Hydrobiology

Wuhan (Wiki) : Wuhan (English, Gov. Site)

Institute of Hydrobiology and Chinese Academy of Sciences