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Abstracts must be submitted by: 1 October 2007

To submit an abstract for this unique and timely conference please download the abstact form below, complete all of the information and email the completed form to Dr. Richard L. Mayden.

A sample abstract is provided below. Contents of abstracts will be published in the form submitted; they will not be edited.

Download Abstract form here

Oral presentations are a total of 20 minutes each, 15 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for questions and answers.

Poster presentations are permitted.

All presentations must brought to the meeting on a labeled CD (presentor name and title of presentation) and saved as Apple Keynote or Microsoft Powerpoint files.

For questions about the Meeting, contact either:

Chavalit Vidthayanon, World Wildlife Fund Thailand.
Richard L. Mayden, Saint Louis University

Sample Abstract Format

Title: Systematics and Ecology of Freshwater Fishes

Author(s): Richard L. Mayden, James B. Jones*

Richard L. Mayden
Department of Biology
3507 Laclede Ave
Saint Louis University
St. Louis, Missouri USA 631030-2010
314-977-3494 (voice)
314-977-3658 (fax)

James B. Jones
Division of Fisheries
Freshwater Institute of Nowhere
P. O. Box 202020
Happy Town, Texas USA 34567
555-555-1212 (voice)
555-555-2222 (fax)

Abstract: (no more than 300 words in the body of abstract)

Freshwater fishes live in freshwater environments on most continents around the world.....

There are various habitats that freshwater fishes occupy, including streams, rivers, lakes, springs, ....

... Therefore freshwater habitats usually have freshwater fishes.

Keywords: freshwater, fishes, habitats, environments, conservation

Special Equipment needs: (other than computer projection system)

* indicates speaker

Contents of abstracts will be published in the form submitted; they will not be edited.

Please indicate on the registration form if you would be willing to publish a peer-reviewed manuscript resulting from your oral presentation or poster presentation.

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