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Wangcome Hotel - Conference Venue

Kok River in Chiang Rai, Thailand

Species of the Order Cypriniformes represent the most diverse group of freshwater fishes in the World, and thus a critically important group for enhanced knowledge acquisition in terms of diversity, species and supraspecific relationships, conservation status, and the lentic and lotic ecosystems that they inhabit.

Many researchers around the World have recently targeted this group of fishes for inventory and diversity, systematics, evolution, ecology, and conservation and ecosystem studies. This special symposium is the third special symposium organized to promote education, communication, and foster collaborative research and learning on these fishes. Previous symposia were hosted in Tallin, Estonia (2004) and Wuhan, China (2006).

Through a collaborative relationship between US National Science foundation international Cypriniformes Tree of Life initiative focusing on these fishes, the Department of Fisheries, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, Thailand, and World Wildlife Fund, Thailand, we are providing the 2007 venue for continuing this collaborative educational meeting in Chiangrai (Chiang Rai) Thailand. There are many topical areas and workshops of focus as part of this symposium for researchers and other interested professionals around the World to participate.

Topics for presentations include:

  1. Diversity, Distributions, and Conservation
  2. Systematics and Species Discovery
  3. Evolution and Development of Danio and Relatives
  4. Genomics in Cypriniformes, Ostariophysi, or Actinopterygii
  5. Advances in Aquaculture of Cypriniformes
  6. Aquarium Trade of Cypriniformes
  7. Cypriniformes as Invasive Species
  8. Cypriniformes Commons:  Collaborative Research

Workshop topics include:

  1. Conservation of Cypriniformes
  2. Species Discovery-Morphology and Molecules
  3. Species Inventories
  4. Cypriniformes Exchange: Specimen Trade for Research
  5. Exotic and Invasive Cypriniformes: A Global Problem

We hope that you and colleagues will be able to attend this important conference for its contents and opportunities to meet and develop collaborations with colleagues with similar interests, and at the same time enjoy the wonderful surroundings of Chiangrai (Chiang Rai) Thailand and the arranged entertainment, activties, and excursions.

General Schedule of Conference

Nov. 9 Registration, reception in evening (~ 1400 hrs)
Nov. 10 Presentations and posters
Nov. 11 Presentations and posters
Nov. 12 Kok River Fish Excursion
Nov. 13 Presentations, Posters, Workshops
Nov. 14 Free day for Cultural or Excursion trips
Nov. 15-20 Pai River Excursion; Return to Chiang Rei on 20th
Nov. 21-? your own planned activities

Late October to early December is the Nice Season in northern Thailand and Chiangrai.
Humidity will vary from about 30 to 80%. Until it gets cold, nights are pleasant indeed. Although people now produce much pollution, here mostly through their motor vehicles, the air is cleaned by the abundant vegetation and ample rainfall, and is often cool.

Up to date weather information:

Average elevation is 560 meters; 78% of the terrain is mountainous.

Click here for a map of Thailand with the location of the meeting site (circled #1) and general locations of field excursions (circled areas #1, 2).

For more information about the Chiangrai Province and attractions visit this website:

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