In the Fowler-Finn Lab, we study the evolutionary processes underlying biological diversification.


We study phenotypic variation across biotic and abiotic environmental gradients in a variety of insects and arachnids.


A major theme of our research centers around the interaction between plasticity and patterns of genetic and environmental variation.


We are excited to start working on a recently funded NSF grant: Genetic change and genetic accommodation allow singing insects to adapt to temperature change! Please check the 'joining the lab' page for details about a postdoctoral opportunity associated with the project!


MUCH HAS HAPPENED IN 2016 - read below to catch up!



Fowler-Finn lab article on density and communication in treehoppers out in early view in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology



The Fowler-Finn lab has several new lab members: Alex, Allie, Evian, Humza, Noah, and Todd have all joined in 2016. Click here for more info on F-F lab members



The Fowler-Finn lab research was covered in Science News! The weird mating habits of daddy longlegs



Kasey was interviewed live for the Moncrieff show on NewsTalk, a nationally broadcast radio show in Ireland NewsTalk Radio (scroll to halfway through the show)



The lab's research was mentioned in Distractify! Daddy longlegs invasion



Dowen, Kasey, Morgan and Will presented at the Animal Behavior Fair on University of Missouri's campus. Look for us here on the evening news! . Check out these links for more information on the event:The Missourian, KOMU TV, Columbia Daily Tribune



Dowen, Kasey, Morgan and Will all presented talks at the Animal Behavior Society Conference For the program and other info, click here!



Kasey and Will presented at the joint meeting for the International Congress of Arachnology and the American Arachnological SocietyFor the program and other info, click here!






NEWS FROM 2014-2015



A recent publication was featured as the cover story in a special issue of Current Zoology on Learning and Sexual Selection



More great press for Fowler-Finn and the treehoppers on NPR affiliate station WBUR's Here and Now, which aired Fowler-Finn's research and interview - follow online: NPR show Here and Now



Fowler-Finn lab research was covered on Philadelphia Newsworks' The Pulse



You can read about Kasey Fowler-Finn's research on wolf spider mating covered online in IFLScience!



Work in the Fowler-Finn lab was covered on Saint Louis Public Radio - catch the last airing at 4:45PM today! Listen to the story and view pictures by going online to the permanent link: Saint Louis Public Radio



The last two weeks have been thrilling. We will be developing a page dedicated to Sound Art in order to share some of the amazing sounds and experiences we heard and had!



We are excited to head to Mountain Lake Biological Station (MLBS) in Pembroke, VA July 18-27 to collaborate with Stephen Vitiello on a unique and exciting sound art project



We are looking for motivated undergraduates to participate in a number of research projects! Contact Dr. Fowler-Finn with your interests.



Welcome to Will Shoenberger, who joined the lab this summer as a Ph.D. student!



Welcome to Dowen Jocson, who joined the lab as a Master's student!



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